stabble - Solana’s first frictionless liquidity and trading layer.

<aside> 👋 Hi there! stabble is a protocol revolutionizing liquidity pools by introducing protocol-managed and arbitrage pools. This allows stabble to tackle critical issues prevalent within Solana’s decentralized exchanges, including low capital efficiency, impermanent loss, and high price impacts for traders.

Additionally, stabble’s flexible liquidity pools enable pool owners to create custom pools with significantly lower liquidity requirements, around 80% less.

Thanks to stabble’s innovations, traders enjoy near-zero price impacts, while liquidity providers earn the highest yields possible.


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😡 Which problem does stabble solve?

DEXs have architectural design flaws that lead to high impermanent loss risks, low APY for liquidity providers, and high price impacts for traders. This affects almost every DeFi user as 43% of Uniswap's TVL is exposed to impermanent loss and the price impact for a $20k trade with a $600k TVL pool can be up to 5%. A problem no one is aware of: Inefficiencies lead to arbitrage opportunities that create an annualized TVL loss of 27.8% in DEXs.

💡 How stable’s next gen. liquidity and trading layer solves this:

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We are 4x developers, 1x mathematician, 2x business, 1x community manager:

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